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    Uber Starts policy to give drivers incentive to pick up those far away passengers

    This is a great addition to the app. I don't see many over 8 or 9 mins in my area but i ignore then when I do.
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    Lyft has updated their rider app to donate to hurricane victims

    Yesterday, Lyft updated their rider app to allow riders to opt in to 'round up and donate'. "Help those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Opt into Round Up & Donate (under Settings) and we'll round up your fares to the nearest dollar, and donate the difference to the American...
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    Uber Do you boycott UberPool?

    A lot of us are sick of the terrible fares that UberPool pays. If enough of us boycott them, the riders will switch to UberX at least. Do you boycott it?
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    Uber Drove my last UberPool today

    I've been boycotting driving the UberPool lately but today it seemed like it was the only thing coming up so I took one. Took a mother and her kid for a 25 minute ride into nowhere for $10. I loaded / unloaded her kid's stroller into my trunk, was extra nice, etc.. no tip or anything..
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    Uber Hating the Uber pay freeze thing that goes on

    I updated my bank info and they froze my ability to take out funds for 72 hours. They also stated that the 72hr timer restarts if I attempted to release the funds into my account. Ugh.