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    Lyft 'Stranger Things' mode in LA and Philly

    Ha - that's pretty cool! I can't wait til this weekend to binge watch it! edit: does the driver app really do that? (in the video above)
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    Uber Starts policy to give drivers incentive to pick up those far away passengers

    As a rider i dont' mind this. sometimes its tough getting a ride when there aren't many drivers too close to you. I usually tip (now) anyway and would in this situation as well.
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    Uber Drove my last UberPool today

    thats still $20 an hour if you got another which is way more than minimum wage
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    Lyft How to rate driver?

    Yeah i wouldn't worry about it. my rating isnt the best and i don't have any issue getting rides.
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    Uber How do I request a ride from a certain driver?

    We ended up going off-app and I pay less while he earns more
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    Passengers: Your rating matters (tips on keeping a 5 star rating)

    Yeah, I don't normally tip. After reading this I probably will now as long as they would have been a 5 star driver anyway.
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    Uber How do I request a ride from a certain driver?

    Hello I had a driver take me to the airport and it was a better experience than my other trips had been. I have his phone number, how do I request him again for the next time this weekend?