Lyft announces changes to their driver app


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Lyft recently added some much needed changes to its driver app. These changes will make driving for Lyft much more enjoyable.

Long Trip Alerts:
Much like how Uber attempts to let you alert you of a long trip, Lyft will do the same thing. When the ride will exceed 45 minutes, you'll see a '45+ mins' notice on the accept screen when you're being pinged. If you also drive for Uber, you know what we're talking about. Lyft says its for iOS first, but I have Android (oreo) and it's live on there as well.

2-Minute Cancellation Window
Previously, passengers had 5 minutes to cancel a ride without being charged a cancellation fee. Now, it's 2 minutes. Woo

Ratings Protection
Sometimes you'll receive bad ratings for things that are out of your control. Line routing, pickup time, other passenger behavior, etc.. Now, on both Line and regular rides, there are other options for riders to choose 'co-passenger', 'route', etc.. and those won't count against you.

Let us know below what you think! We're pretty happy about these changes!

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