Passengers: Your rating matters (tips on keeping a 5 star rating)


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While passengers won't get deactivated for having a low rating, getting an Uber or Lyft driver to pick you up with a rating under 4.5 may take a little longer than if you kept a 4.8+ rating in the app.

Drivers that have ratings under 4.6 are risking deactivation, which is why you'll seldom see those drivers in your ride share app. So, while this article is to help passengers (PAX) maintain their ratings, it's also to remind you to please rate respectfully, as your driver's income stream may depend on it.

So, back to business, here are some helpful tips to keep you in the high 4s.

1. When to request the ride?

Request your ride when you are ready to leave.

This ensures that you are at the pin, ready to go, and the driver will not have to wait. While you may think it's not a big deal to fire off that email from your desk real quick, or feed your dog/cat real quick, the driver outside sitting in the car has the radio silenced and is looking at each person walking by wondering if that's you.

2. Where to wait for your driver?

Wait by the pin.

This may seem obvious, but you don't realize how many PAX wait inside. In a residential situation this isn't as bad, but if you're picking up someone from a business or hospital which may have different entrances to the building, you need to know it's important to stand where your pin is showing up in the app.

3. How do I act in the car?

Act normal. You're in someone else's car, so you respect their rules. You aren't expected to know all of the rules, so be on the safe side and ask if it's ok to bring your coffee or breakfast sandwich in, open/close the window, put on music, etc..

Sit where you want. The whole 'sit in the back' thing is just in everyone's heads from the taxi days. Most Uber/Lyft drivers would actually rather you sat in the front. If you don't want conversation during the trip, you can sit in the back, or put on headphones as soon as you get in.

If you notice that the driver's GPS is going to have them turn at X street and you know a quicker way, that's fine, just politely let them know that sometimes Waze/Google maps gets confused at this point and it may be easier for them to turn right/left at this next road, etc.. do not say TURN HERE as if you're demanding them which way to go.

Have the respect for the driver that you would have for anyone else if you're in their car.. co-worker, boss, etc..

Most drivers are trying to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible, so most likely they'll go ahead and turn the A/C off to open the windows or hand you the Aux cord if you want to play your music.

4. How much should I tip?

10-15% is acceptable.

Notice the question isn't "Should I tip?". Tipping your driver is something that is usually accompanied with some confusion. PAX aren't sure what is generally given as a tip, so they won't give one and look stupid. The safe bet is to tip between 10-15%. Tipping that amount should keep any driver happy with you.

5. Ending thoughts

- When exiting the vehicle, don't slam the door.

- Say thank you - wish the driver a nice morning/day/evening.

- Put thought into rating your driver. Did they get you to your destination in a comfortable, quick and safe manor? Were they professional with you? 5 stars is what they need to be rated by the majority of their riders to continue driving.

Following the above guidelines should keep you in the high 4s from most any driver, regardless of it being Uber or Lyft. Hell, it'll likely get you 5 stars from most.

Good luck out there!
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Thanks! I do all/most of these things and usually get a 5 star back (except for my latest ride - just posted the issue).

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