Uber Starts policy to give drivers incentive to pick up those far away passengers


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As a driver in the suburbs, I'll go ahead and accept those pings through Uber and Lyft that are 15-20 minutes away. Especially if it's to start my 'shift' for the day. I drive part time and it's a great secondary income for extra money between checks.

However, when you're getting 10-15 minute pings from riders throughout your shift and getting $3.75 minimum payout on each ride you start to question why you're even wasting your time when you could be home with your family.

Uber is finally doing something about it though. Starting now in various regions, Uber will pay drivers to head out to those further pings they'd normally ignore. One Uber exec gave the example of an extra charge of $5.77 for a 4.2-mile pickup that took 11.2 minutes of driving. The passengers will see this fee before ordering the ride which helps with the transparency.

I do think this will hinder tipping a bit, but overall a great addition to the app.

Uber says it will have this feature wide-spread by December. Who knows though, in the past, they've made a change and have reversed it before going nationwide.

What are your thoughts on this? As a driver, I'll probably be leaning more towards Uber rather than Lyft once it becomes available in my area.


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This is a great addition to the app. I don't see many over 8 or 9 mins in my area but i ignore then when I do.
As a rider i dont' mind this. sometimes its tough getting a ride when there aren't many drivers too close to you. I usually tip (now) anyway and would in this situation as well.

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