Uber updates its Driver app again for 180 days of change


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Over the past couple of days, Uber has made a few great changes to its driver app! Some of these changes will truly benefit the driver, while also making the passengers enjoy a better experience.

See your rider's live location during pickup
- Soon, you'll be able to see your rider's live location when you pick them up. Lyft has this already and I can say it's saved me more than a few times.

Know who you're picking up
- Again, like in Lyft, you'll be able to see a picture of who you're picking up - this will make it much easier to find your riders when they're not the only one standing there.

Reminding riders when you're waiting
- Uber will now send multiple reminders to your rider if you're kept waiting. While drivers know we don't make much (at all) when the wheels aren't turning, the riders don't in all cases.

Get a heads-up on scheduled trip
- I've seen this in my market already - you'll know if you're accepting a trip that was scheduled ahead of time. These are more likely to be long trips and you also get a bigger cancellation fee if they cancel.

Clear ratings definitions for riders
- Uber will now let riders know that anything besides a 5 star rating for their driver means something was unacceptable by putting definitions next to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars.

Clearer feedback from riders on low-rated trips
- Riders will now need to provide feedback if they rated the driver less than 5 stars.

More balanced ratings on every trip
- Riders will no longer see their updated rating until after they’ve rated you, so you can feel confident providing honest feedback. They will also need to rate you before taking their next ride.

More Ratings Protection
- One of the best changes - those riders that consistently rate drivers 4 or below will have their ratings removed from any trips.

What do you think? We love the new changes!

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